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Welcome to my home on the net! My name is Sonam and I am in FYBA at HPT College, Nashik. I love to surf the net. This is my first web page - I know its not something gr8 - so bear with me. Here are my favourite sites. Have a look!!!

some favourite links - search engines links and general links

Yahoo! (I love chatting and games)
MSN (Bill Gate's site
Google (Search engine) (I have a passport ... thanks)
EBay (Love shopping ... ah)
Microsoft (I admire Bill Gates ... he's gr8!!!)
Amazon (It's a scary place ... all jungle)
AOL Anywhere (America ... wow ... its calling me) (Go where?)
CNN (my favourite news channel) (Alibaba chaalis chor)
The Internet Movie Database (By the way I love all kinds of movies)
Webshots (Download free screen saver, wallpaper, and photos)
Adult Friendfinder (I am a regular visitor here ... lol)
MapQuest (I hate geography - but I like maps)
Do it yourself search engine optimization tutorial.
Dell Computers Online ( I love computers ... as if u did not know)
Apple Computer, Inc. (I love both apples as well as computers. An apple a day keeps the doc away)
Friendster (I love to make new friends. R u suprised!!!)
About (They have nothing about me ... lol)
Neopets (I love pets - especially cats and dogs. I hate cockroaches ... yucks) (I will find my next BF here ... C'mon guys register soon) (North American portal with email, YellowPages, heavily integrated search engine, personal settings and a directory.)
CNET (The site is one of the largest and most trusted sources of freeware, shareware, and other software downloads. Hope I could download a BF too ... I am lonely ... come soon)
Ask Jeeves
Wikipedia (A free encyclopedia built collaboratively using Wiki software - GNU Free Documentation License)
Hewlett-Packard (I thought HP meant Hindustan Petroleum) (Produces a leading Internet portal focussing on India)
Macromedia (Macromedia provides a range of products for multimedia authoring and web development. Site contains extensive documentation and support for all software.) (I love playing games at Pogo)